Bruno’s to Toilet Bowl Beach, April 3rd, 2008.

Due to working on my taxes and poor conditions at sea I have not been out on the ocean for several weeks. So I’ve made a special effort to go on John Boeschen’s Thurseve Paddles when I can. John announced the meeting place today to be Bruno’s. He indicated that a flood tide in the evening would probably make everyone unlikely to agree to cross the bay to Point San Pablo. The camping options there are better than anyplace close to Bruno’s on the west side of the bay. I canvassed everyone and offered to buy a round of drinks at the Sportsman’s Club if we went to Point San Pablo. To my surprise, everyone agreed instead to cross the bay to Red Rock. This is a longer trip, I had recently been there the week before, but it is a great place to have a campfire and a great place to camp.

The crossing started with John falling over in the water as he launched. Then we waited for a large car-carrier ship to go by in the shipping channel and rode over the wake. The wake never seemed to quit and we plowed over some fun water that must have just been wind waves blowing all the way up the bay. The wind died down and Toilet Bowl Beach on Red Rock was comfortable, especially around the campfire. We noticed some things on the beach had moved since the Thursday before. John said “I don’t recall giving anybody ELSE permission to hang out on MY beach”!

We had the usual great food and drink. I BBQ’ed squash over the fire, there were pork ribs, sausages in toasted buns with onion and mustard, salad, cookies and chocolate for dessert. Everyone else abandoned me and I stayed up cooking my leftover squash over the fire. I managed not to set the beach on fire this time and buried the last of the coals before retiring to my sleeping bag. John’s version of the trip can be viewed online.

In the morning I woke up before my alarm and started packing. I had a leftover sausage in a soggy bun for breakfast and packed away the leftover BBQ smoked squash for lunch later. My trip back across the bay was uneventful with calmer water and air than the trip over the evening before. I made it to work on time.

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