Dannyís Secret Launch to Toilet Bowl Beach, September 18th 2008.

I joined the Thurseve Paddlers again and helped convince the others to head towards my favorite Bay Area camping beach: Toilet Bowl Beach on Red Rock. There was a strong ebb tide that would push across our path, but there was also a wind behind us. The wind across the ebb produced standing waves running upstream. By catching rides on these I even managed to keep up with John Boeschen, who normally paddles much faster than I! John also caught lots of rides and the two of us made reasonably good time to Red Rock.

Everyone else who wasnít surfing was pushed farther and farther south until they had to paddle straight north into the lee of the island to catch up. Always the gentleman, John went back to collect the lost kayakers. I waited in the eddies behind the island until the rest arrived. The sun set behind Mount Tam before we made our landing.

I immediately started a campfire using white gasoline from my stove as an accelerant. We sat down near the fire and shared goodies for dinner. I steamed corn on the cob, holding the ears up out of some bay water on a handful of red rocks from the beach. Two salads were combined together to make one salad better than either one alone. Several loaves of bread, cheese, red bell peppers a taste of bean and beef burrito. Finally dessert was slices of apple with goat cheese smeared on top. There wasnít particularly too much to drink this time, but certainly enough.

As I prefer to do, I set up camp to stay the night as everyone else left. John had made Irish coffees for everyone but then dropped his hip flask and accadentally left it behind. I luckily found it for him, but somehow the remains of the whiskey inside disappeared before the fire burned down and I curled up in my sleeping bag for the evening.

Look at Johnís version of the evenings festivities at: http://web.me.com/jboeschen/LCM/9.18.08.html.

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