Schoonmaker to Pallet Beach, September 25th 2008.

I was able to join John Boeschen on the Thurseve Paddle again. This time we launched from Schoonmaker Beach and paddled towards Angel Island. It was a calm warm night when we started and even I was not wearing a paddle jacket. As we rounded the south end of the island we came into a wind and some choppy waves. Nothing we could not handle but it did wash over our kayaks and get most of us a little wet.

I remembered the old piece of dock washed up on Pallet Beach and brought my camping gear to sleep there again. When we arrived I discovered that this convenient dock/table/sleeping platform has been mostly buried in the sand and is no longer all that convenient any more! There hasnít been a storm since I was last here, I can only guess that the waves and tide have been undermining the dock and it is sinking.

There was a large group this time, ten of us on the beach. This resulted in a ton of food and drink. I roasted ears of corn in the husks directly on the coals in the fire. But this took too long and everyone was full by the time the coals and the corn was ready. Iím bringing them home for lunch. I also brought home an unopened bottle of wine.

Around 9:00 PM as everyone else was getting ready to leave, fireworks went off over by San Francisco! None of us know what the occasion was, I suggested they were practicing for new years. All the Thurseve Paddlers abandoned the beach just around high tide, so I knew that the water was not going to rise any higher. I set my tent up in the fine sand just above the water and stayed dry all night. There was no way to avoid packing a lot of sand away with my tent and ground-cloth, Iíll have to clean them off when I get home.

John Boeschen did something new with his comic version of the eveningís festivities: He did not put words in everyoneís mouths this time! Look at the pictures here.

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