Loreto to La Paz, April 3rd to 26th 2009.

Iím beginning to regret my decision to fly down to places like Baja instead of driving down. Driving takes longer, but has many advantages. You are on your own schedule; you can carry your full sized kayak and paddle. You can carry more gear, including fuel for your stove and sharp kitchen knives without being suspected of being a terrorist. The schedule also affects the cost. We didnít decide on the exact date until around a month before the trip and this made our airplane tickets very expensive.

Doug Hamilton drove down with all the kayaks on his truck. I thought he would drive down alone, but Andrea Wolf and Herb Howe managed to squeeze their gear (and themselves) into the truck and they all drove down together in one vehicle.

Kate DesLauriers and I few down to Loreto. Doug came and picked us up at the airport and took us to the Tripui Resort. Like last year, some of us rented rooms at the resort, and others camped out on the lawn.

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